söndag 16 oktober 2011

utställningen tar form

Idag har vi jobbat på utställningen, är lite trött på skräp men annars känns det fint.
Imorgon bitti är det crits kl. 8 och vernissage kl 16. Då ska vi bjuda på svenskt godis och knäckebröd med ägg och kaviar, och vin såklart. Allt serveras i återvunna förpackningar som jag fixat i ordning och diskat. Kapade flaskor och plastburkar. Duk av plastpåsar. Nedan ser ni även en lite ihoptryckt version av utställningstexten.

Anna-Maria Hilborn

The works (in progress) I show here are parts of the research for my thesis in design pedagogy at Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden. An other part of the research consists in workshops, as you can see in the book on the table.

Time, work, value, materiality. Influenced by the culture of recycling/ re-using in South Africa


Two persons, three months on another continent, trying to root a bit, construct a space, a nest.

Since day one I have collected all the waste Klara and I produce. The waste has become building materials for our temporary home. Metaphorically and physically.


An important part of my process working with our waste has been that of organizing, washing, classifying. When does materials become waste? And how can we turn them back to materials?


In contrast to Sweden a huge part of the recycling happens at a micro level here. Maybe these collectors and re-sellers are in the very space in between waste and material that I am looking for?

The liminal space Constant becoming

Fascinated especially by the informal cardboard collectors I decided to collaborate. I was lucky to meet Precious, Duncan and their son Sibusiso who are based in Newtown. During a week, they collected cardboard and brought it to me. Then they came and we built the table and the chairs together in my studio. When this show is over they will get the cardboard back and can thus sell it a second time. The state of furniture is a transition, a temporary state.

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